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Whether your bathroom needs tiling work from scratch or minor repairs, we have you covered with the most reasonable prices in the market.

Affordable Bathroom Tilers in Auckland

Whether you are renovating a house or an office, people will probably judge you based on the outlook of your bathroom. That’s why we believe that bathrooms should never be overlooked, as they can make or break the aesthetic of your property. We know that you understand this which is why our bathroom tilers in Auckland are willing to tile your toilet at the most affordable price. It doesn’t matter if you want to install all new tiles or replace a few old ones, we will do the job for you.

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Bathroom Tile Laying Like Never Before

When it comes to laying tiles in a bathroom, a lot of things have to be considered: where will the drain cutouts be? How high will the tiles go on the walls? Are the tiles slippery when wet or provide enough grip? Our Bathroom tilers in Auckland take into account all of these factors and many more that must be thought of when tiling bathrooms. We hold a proper consultation meeting with our clients before beginning any work so that their expectations are met and our work is precisely done.

Grouting, Tiling, Repairing Bathrooms

Tiling bathrooms is not a simple process. We must first prepare the surface for the mortar mixture, if it is not already done. Then cut the tiles in the correct measurements to suit the bathroom’s dimensions. Afterwards, we create the mortar mixture that holds the tiles in place and then the tiles are laid on top. For a final touch, grout is added to the tiles to seal the edges. Sounds tough, right? Well, we are professionals at this and can do it all for you within the timeframe you provide.

Frequently asked Questions

We can lay whichever kind of tile you want in your bathroom, whether you want cement tiles or something else. However, it’s important to note that tile work is done once in a blue moon. So, it is better to get tiles that are durable, scratch-resistant and waterproof like porcelain tiles.

We can bring all the stuff necessary for the tiling procedure except the tiles themselves. If you insist on providing that yourself, we have no reservations about that.

Ceramic tiles are slightly porous. If you leave standing water on them for too long, some of it may leak through the tile surface.

Porcelain tiles are your best bet when it comes to water-resistant tiles.

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If you’re looking to give your residential or commercial property’s bathroom a revamped look, contact us without further ado. We are expert tilers that perform all kind of tile repairs and laying of new tiles in and around the Auckland area. When you call us, our team holds a meeting to understand your expectations. Once that is done, we can get down to business and do what we do best – lay tiles. We are qualified tilers who never disappoint. Call us now to learn more.